Is XML a database?

XML document is a collection of data. In other words it doesn’t make much difference between the other files that store data. A XML in a database format is a self describing, portable, and can describe data in tree or graph structure. XML is a sort of Database Management System (DBMS).

XML provides storage, schemas, query languages, programming interfaces and so on .It lacks in triggers, queries, multi-user access that a real database constitutes. The main advantage of XML is that the data is portable and it allows you to have nested entries.

XML allows you to preserve physical document structure, supports document level transactions and execute queries in an XML query language.

Mapping the XML document schema to the database schema does the transfer of data between XML documents and a database. Mappings between document schemas and database schemas are performed on attributes and text. There are 2 mappings that are generally used to map on XML document schema to the database schema:


Native XML databases are designed especially to store XML documents .It is always possible to store data in XML documents in a native XML database. This is done so, when your data is semi-structured. Although, this kind of data can be stored in object oriented and hierarchical databases, it is always better to store it in a native XML database. It enables us to retrieve data much faster than a relational database. One more reason is to store data in a native XML database is to exploit XML specification capabilities, such as executing XML queries.

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