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DTD’S and XML schemas are the very important concepts in framing the content model of an XML document. XML SPY@2004 is a very important tool that integrates both DTD’s and XML schemas with the editing XML schema documents. This means that the location of the definition of each element or attribute can be located using the “Go to Definition” command.


This immediately takes you to the Schema or the Definition of the XML document. With XML SPY @2004 we can easily create XML schemas and Documents to automatically generate code in Multiple Programming languages thus saving time.

XML SPY supports both editing and Schema validation for the following Schema types:

• Document Type Definitions (DTD)
• Document Content Definitions (DCD)
• XML Data Reduced (XDR)

XML SPY has four advanced views.

• Enhanced Grid View
• Database/Table view
• Text view
• Browser View

Enhanced Grid View is used for structure editing. Database/Table view displays the repeated entry in a tabular fashion; a text view with syntax coloring is used for Low level Work and a Browser View supports CSS and Style sheets.

One of the most important features of XML SPY is its integration with databases. This includes the import of table data and the import of table structure as XML schema. Other than MS-Access it also supports ODBC and OLEDB to access the other databases.

XSLT designer is one of the attractive tools that come with XML SPY. This Designer is a separate program that allows the loading of XML files .It then uses the Drag and Drop to build an HTML Document, generating an XSLT file. The resultant document can be viewed in the integrated preview and the Style Sheet can be saved as a XSLT file.

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