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Introduction to XML

XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. XML can be used by anyone who is desirous of using web technologies to distribute information across the Internet or the intranet. If you look for more information or for ways to buy custom term papers safely, reach us via contact form at the site.

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What is XML?

If you are familiar with HTML then XML is another form of formatting a document with a web browser. XML is an powerful and effective tool for processing the contents of a document. In other words XML allows you to create your own tags. XML is a very simple and flexible markup language that can be used on any operating system or environment.

XML is also platform independent that is XML can run on any operating system. XML is a better form of describing the contents of a document to the user. XML allows the exchange of data on the web more easily and efficiently. XML does this by allowing the users to develop their own (DTD’s)

DTD’s are used for describing sets of tags and attributes to display the content in a desired format. XML vocabularies or applications are called as the individual markup language that is defined using DTD’s.

Genealogical Markup Language (GedML) and the Chemical Markup Language (CML) are the examples of XML vocabularies. GedML describe ancestral data and CML describes chemical formulas and molecules. XML is an extensive language that is not only used for describing data but is also used for describing metadata. Metadata means data about data. In a nutshell, XML is an effective method of describing data and Metadata that is platform independent and that it can be used on all operating systems.



XML is a subset of SGML. Its aim is to provide generic SGML to be served, received and processed on the web. XML has been designed for the interoperability with both SGML and HTML.

XML documents are made up of entities that are called as storage units. Some of them are parsed data and the others are unparsed data. XML enables a mechanism to provide constraints on the storage layout.

Checkout XML basics for more detailed info.

Latest Technology Developments in XML

Working with XML using ASP
The need for manipulating XML on the server increases as the need for XML increases.XML and ASP are a very efficient and a powerful...

Is XML a Database?
XML document is a collection of data. In other words it doesn’t make much difference between the other files...

Introduction to o:XML
Object oriented programming is facilitated by o:XML while being a markup language. o:XML is an object oriented...

Accessing XML using Java Technologies
The most important benefit of XML is its simplicity. Though it is simple it is powerful enough to express complex data structures. Java is one of most important...

XML Editors, their different types and purpose

XML editor allows you to take input and save files. XML editor is a text editor to create DTD’s and XML documents. Some editors check the XML documents...

Resource Description Framework - RDF
The Resource Description Framework otherwise shortly called the RDF is a framework or an infrastructure that is used for exchange of metadata...

XML Parser and their types
XML parser is a software module to read documents and a means to provide access to their content. XML parser generates a structured tree to return the results...

XML RPC and its Features
XML RPC is a Remote Procedure Calling via the Internet. XML RPC is a network programming technique for making procedure calls on remote devices...

dbXML 2.0 - An Introduction
dbXML is an XML database that is written in Java. It is a native XML database that is used to store XML in a format...

XML Schema and their Attributes
An XML Schema defines the elements, child elements and the attributes that can appear in a document. It can also define the order, the number of child...

Introduction to XML Pipeline Language - XPL
The XML Pipeline Language (XPL) is a vocabulary for describing the processing...

Speech Synthesis Markup Language - SSML
Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) is an XML-based markup language for the Web and other applications that enable access...

Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects - XSLFO
XSLFO is Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects which is an XML document by itself...

Introduction to Annotated XML
When the XML 1.0 Specification was created, it contained lot of information where some of them...

Working with Stylesheet Splicer
Stylesheet Splicer is a product from IBM’s Alphaworks which serves as a stylesheet processor. It is a customizable...

XML Topic Maps - XTM
XML Topic Maps (XTM) is an XML grammar for interchanging internet based topic maps. The primary aim of XTM...

XML Tools and its functions
XML tools allows the developers to produce XML in a wide variety of situations such as comparing two documents, validating the XML documents...

Introduction to XML Timing Language - XTL
The XML Timing Language (Timesheets) is at present submitted to the W3C org for discussion...

SOAP XML and its features
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a protocol that can be used for accessing the Web pages. SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol...

Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL)
SMIL known as Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language is used for time based delivery of multimedia...

How to use SQLXML to retrieve data from SQL server database?
With SQL Server 2000 and above versions you can retrieve data from SQL Server in XML format directly...

How to use SVG to create graphics?
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a format of graphic that can be generated on the fly by using the data extracted...

Voice XML and its components
Voice XML is a concept based on XML that allows the access of Web Applications and content through phones. Speech based Telephone...

About XML Spy tool

DTD’S and XML schemas are the very important concepts in framing the content model of an XML document. XML SPY@2004 is a very important tool...

Using Stylesheets in XML
XML is a means of exchanging data between applications. It allows the developers to describe and structure their data in their own...

About XML DTD and its components
The DTD is a building block of an XML document. It defines a list of legal documents for the document structure. A DTD can be specified either...

Free XML Editors and its features
XML editor is a text editor to create DTD’s and XML documents. Some editors check the XML documents for well formedness...

Creating XML document using XML Notepad
XML Notepad is an application that allows you to create and edit XML documents quickly and easily.XML notepad acts as a simple prototyping...

XML Based Applications
XML is the key technology that is used in distributed applications. There are a number of XML based applications available in the...

Append Data and Delete Data from a XML file using PHP
PHP has become popular as a scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites. With the increase

Create Attribute, Get Attribute & Check Attribute in XML File
Manipulating the nodes and the elements in an XML file is easy by using PHP code. We will see how to create

Clone an XML Node using PHP
Cloning an XML node is useful if you want to copy an existing xml node and then make the necessary changes

Create Element & Get Elements from XML File using PHP
Handling XML files using PHP is very simple and there are functions available to do these tasks

Using loadHTML, loadHTMLFile, & loadXML functions in PHP
In PHP programming there might be scenarios where you need to load html strings, html files, and xml strings

What is PHP SimpleXML
SimpleXML is an extension of PHP. This extension has a set of functions that are used to handle the XML and to convert

Replacing a Child Node in an XML Document using PHP
During programming in PHP there might be a need to replace some characters in a string to some other characters

Validate XML File against a Schema using PHP
Validating an XML file against a schema is essential to have control over the way the elements are arranged in the XML

XML Viewer and its advantages
XML VIEWER is a program that is used for examining the contents of an XML file in a very flexible way. In addition, various modifications can be...

XML Web Service and its purpose
XML web services are the fundamental building blocks to distributed computing on the web. XML Web services are built using XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI...

Role of PHP in XML
XML allows you to create your own tags to describe the data better by using a DTD that describes the structure and content of the document to perform...

XSLT and XML document transforming
XSLT is a language that is used for transforming the XML documents from one form to the other. It is a part of the eXtensible Style sheet...

Converting HTML to XML and viceversa
Using Stylevision 2004 and snapbridge studio to convert HTML to XML and Viceversa. XML is a technology that allows the delivering of the structured...

Specification details of various XML technologies

XML specification means a syntax created by an existing international text-processing standard for use on the World Wide Web. The specifications related to...

Understanding eXtensible User Interface Language - XUL
XUL (eXtensible User Interface Language) pronounced as zool was first created for the Mozilla browser.

Loading XML Data into Your Flash Presentations
If you know how to load the XML data from an XML file into a flash presentation then it will be easy for you to create

Retrieving Data from SQL Server Database in XML Format
From the release of the SQL Server 2000 the way the data is retrieved has taken a new dimension

Security Assertion Markup Language - SAML
The XML Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a vocabulary of XML that is used to share the information

XML Access Control Markup Language - XACML
XACML is the Access Control Markup Language that is used to express the rules that are necessary for authentication

Overview of Flashback Features in Oracle10g
Errors are unavoidable and may lead to data corruption or cause downtime of IT infrastructure

Backup and Recovery – Best Practices in Oracle10g
In Information Technology backup is a term used to refer to make additional copies of data called backups

About XML Digital Signatures
XML digital signatures are used for authentication and data integrity. It is designed to take advantage

Using NDoc to Generate XML Documentation in .NET
Documentation of your system is one of the important tasks that have to be done for any software system or product

XML DSO - Embed Data from XML to HTML
The XML DSO (XML Data Source Object) is an ActiveX control. This is built into the browser

What is eXtensible Rights Markup Language - XrML
XrML is the eXtensible Rights Markup Language that is used to control the content with the help of licensing policies

About XForms
XForms is the next generation of HTML forms that is richer and more flexible than the HTML forms. XForms is the...

Using XMLBeans
XMLBeans is an XML parser developed by BEA Systems for WebLogic 8.1. XMLBeans has recently been released...

Call Control XML Interpreter
Call Control XML Interpreter is an interpreter for calls that are made to a telephony system...

Xamlon - Building XAML Applications
Xamlon is an engine to build XAML applications. This engine can be used as a plug-in with Visual Studio...

Xeena - Editor for XML Data
Xeena is an XML editor for editing XML data found in the XML documents. It is actually a Java application...

What is Management?
Management, in general is the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business...

XFML - eXchangeable Faceted Metadata Language
XFML is an eXchangeable Faceted Metadata Language for sharing and publishing hierarchical...

Understanding XML Server
An XML Server can be a Web Server that stores the XML files in it and serves them on demand...

XML softwares and its purpose
There are lot of XML based Softwares available in the market. The following section describes a few of the XML softwares that are used for various purposes such as...

Introduction to ConciseXML
ConciseXML is an open, language-independent markup syntax compatible with XML 1.0. Concise XML is designed to handle..

VTD-XML is a new, open-source, non-validating, non-extractive eXtensible Markup Lanugauge (XML) processing Application Programming Interface...

Converting XML to PDF using FOP
XML reports can be converted to PDF format by using the Formatting Objects Processor (FOP). FOP is an Open source Java API that can convert your XML data...

The role of XML in SQL server 2000
One of the most common problems that one is faced with managing data is the exchange of data between multiple data sources. This situation is more serious...

Avoiding SQL Injection in PL/SQL (Oracle10g)
SQL injection in a technique by which users attain unauthorized access to a database for the purpose

Some Exciting New Features of Oracle11g
The new features pertaining to introduction of Oracle 11g Database extends to areas such as Application Development

Introduction to Broadband
Broadband is referred to telecommunication wherein wide band of frequencies is used to transmit information

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