Understanding Basic Technology of ebXML

ebXML can be explained as a framework or standard which provides the basis for global electronic business. With the increasing popularity of e-business and e-commerce transactions, the need of a globally common standard arises for conducting the e- business over web. ebXML fulfills this need. It is a secure and reliable mechanism by virtue of which two organizations can exchange messages, a common standard for performing business transactions.

Modularization is the key to the ebXML architecture. What we do in ebXML is we just break the ebXML specification into number of modules. All these modules are used and implemented by the organizations which apply and direct ebXML specification to develop their products.

Basically, ebXML specifications are divided into five different modules. These modules are messaging, trading partner profiles and agreement, business processes, registries and last but not the least core components. The basic functionality of these modules is described below.

Messaging module defines a set of specifications, to exchange information in between businesses use different kind of technology and format. These technologies and formats are defined by messaging module specifications.

Business processes module provides specification that helps a business to describe its business processes, flow of information and methodologies to its trading partners.
For implementing this, the underlying technology adopted is UML, Unified Modeling Language.

The next module of ebXML is trading partners profiles and agreements which refers to the specification called CPP. Therefore to understand this we should first discuss the term CPP. It stands for collaboration protocol profile and defines the ability of a trading partner to perform the e-business over web.

Any organization which is interested in conducting e commerce based transactions and business over internet has to register its CPP on an ebXML site in order to declare its availability to other organizations.

To fulfill the need of storing information about trading partners and to list its own CPP so that the organization can be viewed as a potential trading partner by other organizations, ebXML registries are used. These registries and their related data is further stored in an ebXML repositories.

Now we will move to the next module: Core Components. Every industry or business has some specific data elements related to its domain. When doing e commerce activities between industries having different domains and businesses, its obvious that at some point of time a situation of conflict arises.

This is resolved by this module i.e. Core component which provides specification to define the most commonly used data items in a business.

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