Working with XML using ASP

The need for manipulating XML on the server increases as the need for XML increases.XML and ASP are a very efficient and a powerful combination.XML is a simple and a powerful tool for web developers.XML was created to handle complex Web documents.

XML allows you to define all your own tags with rules such as data description and data relationships. XML is used in order to remove the cumbersome problems that were faced with HTML. Information can be accessed easier using XML. ASP and XML are powerful tools for creating dynamic web pages.

ASP uses XML as a tool in its application for a simple reason that data in HTML is allowed to transmit between dissimilar platforms, whereas XML allows us to express complex structure. Moreover it allows us to create our own tags with all sorts of rules. A new document instance can be created using MSXML.

There are a number of ways to access XML data from an ASP page. Document Object Model (DOM) plays an important role in retrieving the XML data from ASP. In DOM a document is viewed as a tree of nodes. Every node of the tree can be accessed randomly. The main advantage is that it provides all functions in an Object based way.An XML parser based on DOM from Microsoft is MSXML.This component is used for accessing the XML documents.

There are two groups of DOM programming interfaces.The first group defines interfaces required for writing the application. The second group defines interfaces that are required to assist developers. Once the DOM Object is created on the server, your own XML document can be created. The XML document can be easily parsed on the server in an ASP and then the results can be sent to the client.

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