XML Tools, its purpose and about few XML Tools functions

XML tools allows the developers to produce XML in a wide variety of situations such as comparing two documents, validating the XML documents, to check whether a file is well formed, etc., There are a lot of tools available, including those tools for creating and editing XML or building e-commerce applications.


A few of the tools are listed below:

Microsoft XML Diff and Patch

It is a set of tools that will allow you to compare two XML documents. It detects addition, deletion and detects the changes between two XML documents. It ignores order attributes, insignificant white spaces, and it doesn’t care about document coding. These tools if used on a structured data leads to suboptimal results, since they don’t have the capacity of recognizing the tree based structure.

XSD schema validator

This allows the validation of XML documents against an W3C XML schema or XML data reduced schema. It checks whether the given document is well formed and has a valid schema model.

Microsoft XSD interference 1.0

Allows you to create an XML schema definition language if a well formed XML file is available, then it generates an XSD that can validate that XML file.


The XML content tools allow us to create edit and publish XML.The XML content tools were originally designed for publishing needs. XML pro from vervet logic is another relatively cheap and worth XML editing tool. The user interface helps you to make quick work.


XMetaL from SoftQuad is another affordable tool designed to make quick work of creating and editing files. It is a set of tools designed to simplify the implementation of XML applications. Two companies offer XML application tool kits. It enables you to deliver the contents in a short time to multiple channels, reduces complexity and cost of content. It supports DOM that includes extensive documentation. It also supports COM.

Breeze Commerce Studio

Bluestone software offers Breeze Commerce studio for creation of XML and Java based applications. It imports schema from XML DTD’s, XML documents and JDBC/ODBC databases.
It allows us to add data types and constraints to the elements of the schema.

Standalone and Single User content tools

Standalone, singleuser XML content tools are very cheap, since they require the least amount of development time and effort. If you have to handle XML creating, editing and publishing for print, web, investigate the product lines of Abortext and interleaf. RAD XML persistent tools are used for easy process, display and share complex data across applications with minimum coding.


Altova STYLEVISION 2004 is a new XML tool for web developers that provide extensive utilities for migrations. It is a visual editing tool that allows us to create style sheets and forms easily based on XML schemas or databases. It is a powerful database editing tool that allows you to generate reports directly from databases to XML.

Altova XML SPY2004

Altova XML SPY2004 Enterprise Edition is one of the most important XML tools for advanced application development. These tools have been used extensively for editing and working with XML technologies. It uses the Enhanced Grid View to manage elements or attribute creation.


XT is a more powerful tool, which is easy to use .The understanding of the tree structure is made easy using XT, since the file you want to turn into a result tree is the name of the last parameter.

XT is easy to use if you are familiar with Java.

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