XML RPC and its features

XML RPC is a Remote Procedure Calling via the Internet. XML RPC is a network programming technique for making procedure calls on remote devices. Generally, XML RPC is used for developing Web services. XML RPC messages are the requests and the responses sent between the client and the servers. XML RPC is platform independent.


It is a message in the HTTP POST Request. The body of the Procedure is in XML and the value it returns is also in the form of an XML.It is designed as simple as possible but it allows complex data structures to be transmitted, analysed, and returned.

XML RPC is a protocol that allows different languages on different machines to communicate with each other. Since procedure requests and responses are in XML it is not necessary that each end of the RPC connection have to be written in the same language. XML RPC is the simplest tool that allows you to integrate even the most communicative tools. XML RPC can transport binary data as base64.

XML RPC has 8 datatypes. They are as follows:

o BASE64

An array type is an indexed array and the STRUCT is a kind of associative array.
XML_RPC.NET is one of the libraries for XML RPC clients and services. Listed below are few of its features:

• Support for .NET on both Client and Server side.
• Interface based definition of XML-RPC servers and clients
• ASP.NET services that support both SOAP and XML RPC
• Dynamic generation of documentation page at URL of XML-RPC
• XML RPC.NET defines services as services running on the Microsoft IIS servers.

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