Voice XML and its components

Voice XML is a concept based on XML that allows the access of Web Applications and content through phones. Speech based Telephone applications can be developed using Voice XML.

The Voice XML has the following Components:

• Document Server
• Voice XML interpreter
• Implementation platform


Document server allows the voice requests to be received from the interpreter and responds with Voice XML documents.

Voice XML Interpreter interprets the Voice XML documents that it receives from the document server.

Implementation Platform generates responses with respect to the user requests.

Voice XML depends greatly on the infrastructure of the Internet. Voice XML uses audio browser for input and output. The voice browser runs on the voice gateway, which is connected through Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Components of Voice XML:


There are two types of dialogs, Forms and Menus.

Forms collect input from the user just as in HTML where data is collected in the forms. Menus provide a list of options for the user to select from.


A Session begins once the user begins to interact with a voice XML document.


It is a collection of Voice XML Documents. All the documents in a particular application share the same root document.


It specifies the set of allowable vocabulary to be selected from the menu for the user to interact with the Voice XML document.


If there are any semantics errors in the Voice XML document, the Voice XML interpreter throws the Events.


It specifies a transition that is common to all dialog boxes. If the user input matches the Grammar the link is transferred to the specified link’s destination.

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