SOAP XML and its features

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a protocol that can be used for accessing the Web pages. SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol is an XML based Object invocation Protocol.

Upgrade Altova XMLSpy and MapForce to Stylus Studio 2007 XML Enterprise Suite (Market Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
Stylus Studio, a leading provider of XML tools and components for advanced data integration, is offering a competitive program that allows Altova customers to upgrade to its Stylus Studio® products for a reduced price.

Registering SOA (Computer Business Review)
Jason Stamper looks at the differences between a registry and a repository, and how their roles are crystallising in service-oriented architecture.

Creating Web Pages With Ajax (Slashdot)
Ravi writes "Asynchronous Javascript And Xml, popularly known as Ajax, is a combination of Javascript, XML and some coding on the server side. Even though this technology existed for years, many believe it was Google which brought it to the front by implementing it on its sites and thus raising it to the cult status it enjoys now. There is something magical in seeing a website update its content

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WDVL: XML Schema and SOAP Resources
WDVL is an free encyclopedia of java, HTML, javascript, cgi, dhtml, XML , perl, web design and domain name tutorials and resources. XML Schema and SOAP Resources. WDVL's XML Schema and SOAP Resources section is an extensive collection of schema -related and SOAP -related specifications, articles, presentations

Cover Pages: Simple Object Access Protocol ( SOAP )
The interaction between SOAP , WSDL, XML Schema , HTTP, etc with a Web service does not simply involve understanding WSDL, SOAP , and XML Schema . That is not enough information

World Wide Web Consortium
RDF. Semantic Web. SMIL. SOAP / XMLP. Style. SVG. TAG XML . XML Base. XML Encryption. XML Key Management. XML Query. XML Schema . XML Signature

XML .com: A Brief History of SOAP
An insider's view of the last three years of SOAP's development, its relationship with W3C XML Schema , and an assessment of where XML protocols should go next. mainly because without a stable XML Schema specification, the thought of building tons of SOAP support plumbing using the name " SOAP " (4Q1999), the W3C XML Schema language was by

XML .com: SOAP Encodings, WSDL, and XML Schema Types [Feb. 20, 2002]
In this month's XML Endpoints column, the fine points of WSDL, XML messages, SOAP Encodings, and XML Schema Types are discussed. What is XLink? What is XML Schema ? What is XQuery



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