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Accessing XML using Java Technologies

The most important benefit of XML is its simplicity. Though it is simple it is powerful enough to express complex data structures. Java is one of most important programming languages that is used for creating your web pages.

Oracle Application Express Tutorial (Database Journal)
Caché 2007, announced this week, hosts a bevy of new features aimed at developers. New features in this version include Jalapeño, a new Java technology and Zen, a new web browser development technology.

InterSystems Introduces CACHE 2007 With Innovations for Web Developers (Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.----InterSystems Corporation today announced the immediate availability of CACHE 2007 with innovative technologies for rapid Web application development. This new version of the CACHE post-relational database introduces InterSystems Zen, a framework for building rich platform-independent Web applications faster than ever before.

Unicode Version 5.0 Now Available (Market Wire via Yahoo! Finance)
The Unicode® Consortium is proud to announce that The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0, published by Addison-Wesley, is now available at booksellers everywhere. This comprehensive and official reference book is a major enhancement of the Unicode Standard -- the fifth edition of the Unicode Consortium's universal character encoding. "For more than a decade, Unicode has been a foundation for many

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Useful XML resources

xml .apache.org
Crimson: A Java XML parser derived from the Sun Project X Parser world-class XML parsing and generation. Fully-validating parsers are available for both Java and C++, implementing

531. XML Parsing Using Java
781-466-8012. 531. XML Parsing Using Java . Rev. 1.0. This module introduces the JAXP and the two main Java APIs for parsing XML documents: SAX and the DOM

Processing XML with Java
Elliotte Rusty Harold's tutorial on XML and Java at SD2000 West, March 20, 2000 XML Documents with SAX2. SAX2. The SAX2 Process. Making an XMLReader. Parsing a Document with XMLReader. ContentHandler. java



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