Accessing XML using Java Technologies

The most important benefit of XML is its simplicity. Though it is simple it is powerful enough to express complex data structures.

Which open source CI tool is best suited for your application's environment? (Java World)
The term "continuous integration," commonly attributed to Martin Fowler, who first wrote about the software development practice back in 2000 (see Resources for a link to the article), is one of the pillars of modern programming techniques.

Java Micro Edition JSR Soup (
Java ME has been running on phones for quite some time now, starting with hardware that was barely capable and evolving as technology improved. With each new step in platform capabilities, there were JSRs to specify the corresponding Java APIs.

JPMorgan Stays Focused on Eclipse (eWeek)
Case Study: The financial company uses Eclipse in developing its OneBench application for market data and analysis.

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Recommended XML Books


More XML related resources

" Swing " by Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev, Ph.D.
More than 17,000 Java developers have purchased Swing and Swing 2nd edition will also be two new chapters on Drag and Drop and Constructing an XML editor with Swing

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XML and Java2 Tutorials and other educational resources. Mobile, Distributed, Server-side computing with XML , Java 2™, JDBC, Swing and Servlets use J2ME (MIDP), Java2, XML , Swing , Servlet, JDBC, EJB and RMI APIs to create real world

The Swing Connection
You'll also find database viewers, financial apps, an XML editor, and more. covers how one can use the Java ™ timer facilities in Swing applications. The problems that timers are

Java Swing GUI builder by XML , Example for LayoutManager of Swing GUI
Java Swing GUI builder by XML . Free Source code examples for LayoutManager of Java Swing GUI. How to use JToolBar with BorderLayout. How to align JComponents by GridLayout and BoxLayout. easily define the nested structure of your Java Swing GUI in XML . JPanel on JFrame or JDialog can You can prepare XML for your Java Swing GUI in as many

Technologies Home
This page organizes final releases of Java technologies by platform. Look under Other for technologies not associated with one platform. Information and downloads for pre-released software and JavaFoundation Classes(JFC)/ Swing - JavaPlatform Debugger Architecture(JPDA) Enterprise JavaBeansTechnology. Java API for XML Processing(JAXP) Java API for XML Registries(JAXR) Java



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