About XML Viewer and its advantages

XML VIEWER is a program that is used for examining the contents of an XML file in a very flexible way. In addition, various modifications can be made to the XML document as follows:

• It allows you to Insert new items
• It allows you to Delete existing items
• It allows you to Add properties to specified items
• It allows you to Delete properties to specified items


It allows you to Drag and Drop files so that file manipulation will be made easier. It has a very user-friendly interface. The XML Viewer component allows you to browse the documents available in the Exchanger Browser application. The User can select items by using the XPath expressions on the toolbar. The selected elements are highlighted and expanded.


The user can select expressions by defining the elements on the toolbar and then choosing SELECT button. The selected items are highlighted and expanded. Only elements are allowed to be selected, strings and attributes that are selected will not return any results. An XPath search for elements without a namespace would look like this: /root/parentelement/childelement

A XPath search for elements with a prefix would
look like this:

An Xpath search with a default namespace would
look like this:

Xpath for the current selected element is displayed in the Xpath field and the universal name of the element is displayed on the status bar. The amount of information displayed while browsing can be changed. For example, only the name of the elements without the attributes or namespaces can be displayed or the browser can show only the elements and the attributes without the namespaces to avoid clutter while browsing.

The XML Schema Viewer Service is the eXchaNGer XML Browser service that can be used to browse, test and view XML Schema documents. The XML viewer gives the simple way to navigate, test, and view the XML Schema documents. The Schema is represented in a tree view. It includes support for XML Schema Structures like element, attribute, group, attributeGroup and all, sequence and choice ModelGroups.All information about the selected element or the schema is available to the user.

The XML Schema Viewer Window is divided into three segments:

• MAIN AREA: The main area shows all the elements, attributes and models defined in the schema.
• The TOP RIGHT CORNER displays information about all the items that are currently selected element, attribute, or model.
• The BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER shows information on the refs tab what elements references about the current selected element or attribute and on the subs tab the elements that can substitute the currently selected element.

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