XML Softwares and its purpose

There are lot of XML based Softwares available in the market. The following section describes a few of the XML softwares that are used for various purposes such as parsing a XML document, validating the XML document.


AFP to SVG Transcoder:

It is a server based application that is used for transcoding or converting the AFP documents to SVG documents. AFP is software that is very rich in graphics and text print format that are widely used in companies to generate printed forms and documents. SCALABLE VECTOR GRAPHICS (SVG) is a widely used standard proposed by W3C for specifying two-dimensional graphics in XML.


It is an XML based software component or a wiring component that is used for the Java Bean Component model. The language is directly executable that is the processing of a BML script will result in a running application configured in the script. The BML language has elements that can be used for:

* The creation of the new beans.
* The accessing of the existing beans.
* Configuration of the beans by setting their properties.
* The events can be bound from to the other beans and
* The arbitrary methods can be called in beans.


Mobile Document Application Language (MoDAL) is language and a interpreter based on XML that allow to define a user interface and control for Network Services available on Tspaces. Tspaces is a network middleware for computing. This software enables communication between applications and devices in a network of heterogeneous systems and Operating Systems. It is software used for palm computers with wireless network connection. MoDAL allows users to associate user interface elements with methods of Network services.


This is XML based software for creating Wizards. This software helps us to make tasks easier by breaking complicated tasks into simple steps that can be performed using a very User-Friendly Interface. It helps us to create Wizards.

XML BeanMaker:

It is an arbitrary DTD that is used for generating Java Bean Classes. This allows us to write, get and set methods on Java classes corresponding to XML structures. XML Bean Maker is software that can read a DTD file and generate Java Class interfaces corresponding to elements and attributes in the DTD file. A Bean denotes an element in a DTD. Bean properties are determined by the elements and attributes that the Bean contains. When any of these properties are changed EVENTS are generated.

XML for C++:

XML for C++ is an XML parser that is written in C++. XML 4C allows an application to read and write XML data. There are three shared libraries that provide classes for parsing, manipulating and validating XML documents in 150 different encodings. XML4C combines the power Xerces- C-Parser with IBM’s international Components for Unicode (ICU).

XML Security Suite:

This is software used for Internet security purposes in business-to-business transactions. It includes security features such as signature, element-wise encryption and access control. It includes reference implementations of DOMHASH, a digest value of XML document. DOMHASH is a basis for XML digital signature.

XML and Web Services DE:

This is a development Environment that provides all tools required to create Web Services. This software also allows the HTML, Java, SQL, and XML developers to extend their e-business, thus enabling them to deliver business informational Web services Database developers can also use SQL as a programming language to build data-aware Web Services. Web Services can be created with a minimal knowledge of Java, XML or SOAP.

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