XML Based Applications

XML is the key technology that is used in distributed applications. There are a number of XML based applications available in the market. Most advance writers worked on completing these applications for a long time.

The following gives few of them:


It is a language based on XML, which allows you to describe and format Vectors. It was designed to help the developers address book problems with binary graphic files. VML is supported by Office 2000.This means that MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-Powerpoint can be used to create pictures, and then save the document in default with a GIF or JPEG file. The great application of VML is the creation of menus, and navigational elements. Using VML you could create a graphic that serves as a background picture and then use XSL to dynamically insert Whatever text you want.

XML based applications play a vital role in the financial sectors. Banks and industry bodies use XML to create new online opportunities. XML serves as a bridge between front-end channels and back end payments, customer support and provide a range of other related processing efficiencies.


Variants generally occur in software reuse. Suppose that a software product has to be run on
Different platforms or the various versions of the same software are delivered to a set of customers and that it differs in some functional or non-functional area. XVCL allows you to configure product variants from common core generic, reusable Meta components.

SMIL 2.0:

It allows you to use a text editor to create reusable content such as audio, video that can be delivered through the Web and synchronize those components as needed. This is designed to help developers take advantage of technical capabilities and offers inter operability, flexibility
and support for various devices. Developers also get Search features because the text file can include metadata components that are searchable.


Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) is a binary file format for postproduction environment. It has a model that can be used for describing video, audio, etc., AAF applications can support extensions to the common meta data model because each AAF carries metadata model definitions, and the metadata .The Material eXchange format is a binary stream that is used for interchange of audiovisual material. It can share a common Meta data model with the AAF.

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