Xeena - Editor for XML Data

Xeena is an XML editor for editing XML data found in the XML documents. It is actually a Java application that is used to edit the XML documents that are derived from a Document Type Definition (DTD). Other projects focused on these documents are available at exclusive-paper.com. The user of this software need not know XML to create and edit the XML document in Xeena. The user interface of this software is so simple that any user can work on the software. The tool tips that are shown when the mouse is moved over a tool is self describing and the user can easily work on the software. 

The input to this application is a DTD document. On getting the DTD document as input the software creates a palette based on the elements defined in the DTD document. Only valid elements are displayed to the user to create an XML document. The elements defined in the DTD document are displayed in the tree like structure so that the child elements appear below the main element in a hierarchy. This visual presentation of the elements makes it easy for any user to edit the elements, its values and its attributes.

The software applications always checks that you are not adding any unwanted elements that contradicts the DTD that has been given as the input to the application, based on which the XML document is being created. The key feature of this Xeena software application is that it is syntax-directed in its editing capability.

The other main features of the software are:

· Allows many XML documents to be edited:
You can open any number of xml documents in Xeena and they can be edited using the visual interface it provides. These interfaces are very intuitive in nature so that any user with minimal knowledge of software can also use this editor.
· Viewing of XML documents:
XML documents can be viewed easily in this software. The XML document is viewed in a tree structure so that the elements are displayed in a hierarchy for easy editing.
· Editing of document:
Document editing is made very easy by intuitive editing.
· Viewing of the source:
The source of the XML document can be viewed using the viewer available for this purpose.
· Displaying the documents:
The XML documents can be displayed according to the user’s preference. It is easy to customize the display of the documents.
· Adding, deleting and editing of elements:
The way you can add elements to the XML document, delete an XML element in the document and editing the XML element are restricted in this software application.
· Editing follows DTD:
The restriction in editing an XML document is restricted and this restriction is strictly followed based on the structure of the DTD document to which the XML document is related.
· Indicator for Invalid elements:
The invalid elements in the document created are shown in red underline. This enables the user to correct the document element which has errors in it.
· Importing:
Documents can be imported in to the application using the tools available for that purpose.
· Exporting:
Documents can be exported from the application using the tools available for that purpose.
· Invoking other tools:
Other tools can also be invoked while working on a XML document.

Xeena is built with swing and the xml parser for java being the base. The user interface of the software application is by default split into two vertical parts. The right side of the screen has the editor where all the elements of the document palette which was created based on the DTD is displayed. On the left of the screen a tab is displayed which lists out the elements of the document. You can select the element using the right part of the window or the tab that is found in the left side of the screen. Upon selecting the element, the corresponding element is highlighted on left and the right side of the screen in both the windows.

Consider that you have selected an element in the tab found on the left of the screen. The attributes of that element are displayed below the tab just like the property window in other Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). The property window below the element tab displays the attribute on the left and the value of that attribute to the right. The user can edit the attribute values in that window. Though the window on the right will allow an user to alter the order of the elements, the software application will not allow different orders of the elements that are against the DTD. It strictly follows the DTD, disabling any unwanted shuffling of the order of the elements, so that resulting XML document adheres to the DTD is every manner.

In short Xeena is a easy to use tool that is available for editing XML documents and to create an XML document from an DTD document. The user need not know the intricacies of XML to work with this software application. The software supports DTD and support for Schema is not available at present.

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