About PHP and role of XML in PHP

XML allows you to create your own tags to describe the data better by using a DTD that describes the structure and content of the document to perform validations more easily. What is PHP? It is a widely used scripting language that is especially designed for Web Development and can also be embedded into HTML.It gives more emphasis to server side scripting. Therefore, data can be collected, dynamic page content can be generated, and cookies can be sent and received.

PHP can be used on all operating systems such as Windows, Unix, Linux etc., It can also support almost a number of Web servers. Few of them are Netscape and iPlanet Servers - Caudium, xiatami etc., PHP is platform independent and allows you to work on any OS and a Web Server.Using, PHP.you can generate unlimited HTML output, Flash Movies etc., You can also output any kind of text, such as XHTML and any other XML file. PHP can auto generate these files and save them in your file system, instead of printing it.

One of the most important advantages of PHP is the support for the databases. The following are the few databases that are supported:


Adabas D - FrontBase - Solid
DBase - MSQL - Sybase
Empress - Direct - MS-SQL - Velocis
Filepro (read-only) - MYSQL - Unixdbm
Hyperwave - ODBC - Ingres
IBM DB2 - Oracle - InterBase
Informix - Ovrimos -PostgreSQL

PHP offers WDDX functions that allow us to create our own parsers. The WDDX functions do not require any external library to generate, serialize, and deserialize information into WDDX packets.

The Web Distributed Data eXchange (WDDX) is a mechanism for exchanging complex data structures between application environments. WDDX consists of a language and a platform neutral representation of data based on XML.The process of creating an XML representation of application data is called serialization. The process of instantiating application data from WDDX XML representation is called Deserialisation.

WDDX has a simple and a powerful DTD that can be used to serialize variables of different types. The DTD can recognize String, Numeric, Boolean and as well as arrays. The main steps used in WDDX are :

DATA RECONSTRUTION (Deserialization)


This is used for starting a new WDDX packet for incremental addition of data. This function takes an optional parameter to be used as a comment in the packet.


Ends a WDDX packet specified by the identifier and returns the string form of it. It is for communication between applications, therefore there is no special formatting between the XML elements.


It generates a serialized representation of a single value. The function accepts a variable to be serialized and creates a new packet-containing variable. This is equivalent to starting, ending, and adding a packet, when only one variable has to be serialized.

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