Introduction to Broadband

Broadband is referred to telecommunication wherein wide band of frequencies is used to transmit information. In a given time, more information can be transmitted through the different frequencies or channels within the band simultaneously. If you want to know more or plan to get an article based on the Broadband, it's possible to reach us via form

To give you an example, it is just like a highway wherein the number of cars travelling can be increased if more lanes are added to the highway. If transmission channels support bit rates that are greater than primary range of 1.5 Mbit/s to 2 Mbit/s then it is termed as Broadband. Broadband is mainly used in telecommunication and it also offers internet access to people worldwide.

Usage of Broadband in Telecommunication

Broadband in telecommunications is a method of signaling that is being handled by a relatively broad range of frequencies. For example in radio, a narrow band can carry only Morse code whereas a broadband can carry music and speech as well.

Almost all fields of telecommunication use broadband nowadays so that they can reach wider audience.
In television, a broadband antenna is capable of capturing a wide range of channels. In video, cable television can be said of comprising a broadband as it broadcasts several channels at the same time.

Broadband Services for Internet Access

Internet service providers sell broadband frequencies for internet communications. Because of the speed, internet service providers charge higher amount to provide broadband services.

Nowadays several telephone and cable companies sell broadband that comprise of several speeds in different categories. Several plans are announced to attract customers by these telephone and internet service providers nowadays.

Normally offices and huge companies require wider broadband width frequency for their usage. Data and files can be sent and received at higher speeds with such broadband internet connection. There is also a wireless broadband that gives high speed wireless internet access.

Mobile wireless broadband service is being provided by mobile phone service providers, wherein customers can get access to internet through their mobile phones wherever they travel. Usually such services are being offered mainly to urban population where the usage of internet in mobile devices is more. But customers have to pay premium amount for using such mobile internet services.

Internet broadband services offer internet access at higher speeds and they assure uninterrupted services. Broadband has revolutionized the internet usage with its advanced technology.

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